April 19, 2017


All the info you need to Know About Our system

MAG device and stalker

QHDTV support all mag devices also we support all other box that emulate stalker

how to use ? very simple steps ,
* Use our portal address   :  http://bit.do/qhd123 or http://stalker.q-hd.net

for some  not orginal  stalker  MAG device like  STB emulator  please use  : http://stalker.q-hd.net/stalker_portal/c

* Add to your mag device in portal address field ,

* Then open account in our website  valaidate your account   after that  login  and in my account  area  you will find   where to add mac address of your device stalker ….

done you can start enjoy QHDTV services ,

more details  watch  video  in Tutorial area

Watch on PC or MAC

to watch on PC or MAC We Advice you to use Chrome as browser to enjoy best quality and stability of our live stream

How to get Test Code

we offer  free test for 24  hours    ,  to enjoyed simply register  an account with us    here  click on my account use valid email  and strong secure password  then click register  you will get activation   email, confirm your email   and done   you can use your email  address as username to access the system for next 24 Hours for FREE

this function is supported   in all the devices   include  Starsat / icone/  android  ….. if you have problem   please email  us


Q: Do you support Time-shift? yes we do support however not all channel have , please do long click on the channel name to get info bar where you can see the status if it has Time-shift or no

my account is active on another device

Q: my account is active on another device
A: your box MAC address has been changed
here will explain this problem

some chinese android box has no static mac address so when you power off and on your box the mac address will be changed this not good since you will get message : account is active on another device since when you log in for the first time to the box our apk will send your box mac address to our server where we stored to give you auto access next time you use the same box and our apk then after power off it will be changed then our system will dedect as account is active on another device … to help you solve this you can easy connect to https://q-hdtv.com/my-account/ then remove device here photo will explain how you do

Account Activation

Our system will activate your account instantly after we receive payment 🙂 you can order from the online shop or from android aplication ,less than 2 minutes you are able to watch and enjoy your favourite televsion channels anywhere you are ….!