July 28, 2017

Stalker Portal

if you are a fan of the famous  box  MAG  then you are at a good place, QHD supports all the MAG devices also supports all other emulators of stalker like  :  android  STB Emulator app , enigma 2 dreambox stalker plugin and many other brands in the market that support  stalker like, Head digital  box / formuler Box / BlomC  Box  ….

also  we  confirm you can use  on  any smart TV   by install  Smart STB  app   more details   https://smart-stb.net

how it works  :

    • Stalker Portal   URL :  http://stalker.q-hd.net    or   http://stalker.q-hd.net/stalker_portal/c   or     http://bit.do/qhdpro
  1. register a free account  at our website and after activation of your account you will get  24 hours of free testing
  2. go to my account and  you will see a device menu, add  your  MAG   mac address there
  3. enjoy your free  test  if you like it, you can upgrade  your subscription in our online shop 

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